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XL Bully paddock use info

As of the 31st December 2023 new paddock rules apply for XL BULLY owners.

We would like to confirm we are happy to still be able offer our enclosed space to all XL BULLY Type breeds.

Please DO NOT BOOK on the website. You will now be required to book out both the paddocks simultaneously for your session, ensuring there are no other dogs present on the premises at that time. This will be a set rate of £16 per hour and you may choose which paddock you would like to use.

In order to make a booking for your XL Bully breed, you will be required to email us directly at with the following information: How many dogs will be attending, how many banned breed dogs will be attending, how many handlers will be attending, which paddock you would like to use and your preferred date and time for the session. Then we will check our availability and get back to you with further instructions on how to pay which can be done with a simple payment link. 

- Further to this please read all updated information below before going ahead and making a booking.

What you need to know:

🐾Your dog is required to be muzzle trained.

🐾Your dog must be muzzled and on lead from when you exit your car, in the carpark, prior to paddock entry. Only once you and your dog are secure in the paddocks are you able to remove the lead and muzzle. The same applies to exit, your dog must be re-muzzled and back on a lead to leave and you must head straight back to your vehicle.

🐾DOGS can only be released when in the paddock. The muzzle should only be removed once the paddock gate is LOCKED behind you and your dog is secure inside.

🐾Please use the bolted lock on the inside of the gate to secure yourselves inside, ensuring the gate will not open during your session.

🐾Dogs must be neutered and microchipped-in line with government rules.

🐾The dog handler ratio is 1:1 with their handler at all times. Only dogs from same household during the booking slot are allowed.

🐾 If the household has more than one dog, they can come and enjoy the field together however the banned dog breed must have its own handler and then another member from the same household should be present to supervise the other dog(s). If there is more than one banned breed dog from the same household, they can come together but each dog must have its own handler.

🐾Make sure you have a copy of your public liability insurance to hand.

🐾Your dog must be registered with the index of exempted dogs (EID)a copy of life certificate should be available at all times.

🐾Please note our paddocks are away from any public footpaths and are on private property with no public access passing through in line with the government guidelines.

🐾Please be prepared to present your EID Registration number should we request it.

We hope this offers some light relief in such a difficult time and all our clients old and new can enjoy their time in our paddocks. Thank you!

Please email us at should you have any further questions.

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