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About Us

We offer two secure dog exercise paddocks, ideal for young dogs in training, dogs with poor or no recall, dogs who may be recovering from injury or veterinary treatment, or perhaps simply for dogs that need their own space. Our paddocks cover approximately 1 acre, with 6 foot high secure stock fencing.

Paddock 1: Smaller paddock (Professional agility equipment).

Paddock 2: Larger paddock.


Our paddocks in Iver, Buckinghamshire are available to hire for dog exercise and for sole use for you and your dog(s) with peace of mind that you are in a safe, enclosed field. If you're looking for dog walking fields that are securely fenced, our paddocks are ideal. Our paddocks are available to book for a maximum of 3 dogs (from the same household) at any one session. If you are looking to do a group session please get in contact for further details.

Please bring dog waste bags with you & clean up after your dogs!

Parking facilities onsite, we ask for only 1 car per booking.


Our Team
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